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Breakthrough Package #1

2 sessions


This initial breakthrough package is designed for those who feel as though their lives are on track in some areas, yet find that there are other areas where they are not able to achieve the outcome/s they desire. Often this can be self-defeating habits or behaviors holding them back from enjoying good health and affecting their quality of life, such as smoking or unhealthy eating habits, or else an inability to participate in day to day activities due to heightened levels of anxiety or irrational fears.
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Breakthrough Package #2

Full day or 2 half days


An NLP breakthrough session is a rapid way to get your whole life in order! As the session takes 6 – 7 hours to complete, not only unresolved issues are released, but also any specific presenting problems can be dealt with in a fully transformative way. This process allows you to enjoy a renewed sense of self and the opportunity to move forward with the confidence, clarity, energy, and motivation required to make the shifts in your life you desire. 

Our clients notice major improvements over the long term in how they think and act, and enjoy feeling unburdened of doubts and anxieties. This 1 day personal or professional coaching session is designed to meet your specific and unique needs, and to facilitate the momentum you need to enable your ability to realise your goals.

Education and Qualifications

With over 15 years of experience in the Fitness Industry as a dedicated Personal Trainer and Educator, Julie’s passion for holistic well-being has led her to a fulfilling new path.

Julie’s journey began with a desire to deepen her impact on her clients’ lives. This drive inspired her to delve into the realms of Hypnotherapy, NLP, and Life Coaching. Through these transformative practices, Julie has unlocked new dimensions of support for her clients, allowing them to break free from self-defeating behavioural patterns.

Julie’s unique blend of skills supports and empowers her clients to identify and transform potential obstacles to change, paving the way forward with renewed energy, clarity and sense of purpose.

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