Change your mind - change your life!

Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.

Quit Smoking

Tired of suffering from the stigma, negative health effects and fnancial impact of your smoking habit?

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Lose Weight

Are you looking to get your body confidence back? or simply struggling to shift those last few stubborn kilograms?

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Wellness Coaching

We work with you to regain contol of your health and wellbeing - finding a way forward tailored to your specific needs .

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Positive Effects of

Rejuvenate Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a deep state of relaxation during which suggestions are made to create beneficial changes in ideas or behaviour. 

 When it comes to people making the changes they desire, we know that sometimes there are blockages holding them back, preventing them from doing so. Time to break down some barriers & uncover your true potential?

Our Services

No matter what you are looking to achieve, we have packages designed to suit your specific needs.

Quit Smoking

Do you reach for a cigarette when you feel stressed or anxious? Research has shown that hypnosis is one of the most successful ways to stop smoking.

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Lose Weight

Are you looking to regain your confidence & self esteem? feeling out of control of your eating habits, or suffering from an eating disorder?

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Womens Life Coaching

We help you navigate the different stages of womanhood, leaving you free to enjoy the journey and embrace your individuality.

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Dental Phobia

Hypnodontics is the application of hypnosis techniques to dental issues. It also helps with associated conditions such as bruxism and gagging.

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Overcome Fear

Hypnosis provides a powerful cure for fear based issues, providing a deep state of relaxation that helps you detach from the fear and regain control.

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Reduce or Eliminate Pain

Hypnosis allows us to immediately alter our mood, reduce stress and pain intensity, and help the mind think differently about the pain we feel.

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Wondering if hypnosis can help you?

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Benefits of

Rejuvenate Hypnotherapy

The length of treatment will vary depending on the nature and severity of the issue.  Hypnosis is a tool that may be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment.

Rejuvenate Qualifications

Research supports that hypnotic communication and suggestion effectively changes aspects of the persons physiological and neurological functions.



No matter what you are looking forward to moving away from, or towards, we have a program available to help you navigate the future on your own terms.

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